Was it Love??

I don’t know but I still can’t get enough of you.I see your last seen, keep checking your  posts and keep phigiting over the texts.
I wanted probably just companionship or was it Love .

I did not want to be your second choice.
Fortunately,  I have dropped the plan to even get in touch with you again.
Someone stopped trying. We move on.
But someone’s moving on was quite a big deal to me.
I seriously doubt the existence of such feelings which I have.
Someday, I would read again the story and then probably would be glad  remembering that it happened!
Your side is awesome. I wanted to be the   same zipped up part.
It was probably, I thought you expected the same.
I don’t want to be judged,neither do I judge you.
I know its completely futile to call you up or send all the emails I have composed so far.
I wish you could read all of me. I’ll try not to remember you again.
But, you know the case with memories. What you want to forget and what do you want to keep!?
Tired I know  that. I’ll get going.

I keep checking your status,

Your last seen and your attention on all the matters except me.

I jump to text you back so glad that u messaged. Have I lost myself??

Do you even think about me?


Author: Jarus

I am a simple dreamer. A sailor and a half artist.

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