An unsent mail

Maybe I have been thinking about you too much to start writing this mail even before it ends.
Maybe you don’t miss me so much as I have missed you.
May be it’s just me talking to myself and reading too much and too long for all the books that talk about and remind me of you.
Maybe this was meant to be. I’ll just take sometime off before I could send this mail. Considering the circumstances in which I am writing this email. That way my locked feel like that thing will be vented and you don’t have to read the email.
My imagination and you have been long together and now that we are too busy to even say a little cathode ray hello.
Drifting is just about the time.
I have been looking at the photographs for too long now.I have missed u.I want to call you up.I want to talk to you.

May be it’s just me in this whole wide acceleration… Probably u won’t even know the gyrations of my thoughts.
Maybe you are better off without me. Such are the happenings of life!

By the end if this mail I won’t have had sent to you. But just for my records.. It means I m thinking about you.
A small reminder for me from me.


Author: Jarus

I am a simple dreamer. A sailor and a half artist.

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