She won’t meet!

“She doesn’t matter anymore!
Does she? ” smiled Meera and patted Raj’s back.

Raj was not yet drunk. He loudly exclaimed, ” I would have dared to call you, but my guts gave way. ”
Meera remained calm and listened.

Raj was determined to meet Shalu.
“Shalu would never want to meet you!”, said the mirror when Raj leaned to get the keys.
Raj left the room and without saying a word he started his bike.

The whole Bombay sappers road was empty and the clouds had started to form.
He knew it was now or never. As it is Shalu won’t meet. He had to see her he thought.
While Raj crossed the Busy university circle and was just a few minutes away from Pride Silicon Plaza.
It started to rain.
Raj parked the bike and took off his helmet.Soaked in the rain he messaged Shalu, ” It’s high time that you meet me! 😕”
“what do you mean? ” inquired Shalu.
Raj typed, “I m standing down. Come down and meet!”.
Raj was nervous about it. Howsoever, his lungs were working more than usual.
The heart was pumping with such speed that it would have come out the moment Shalu appeared.
The rain was never ending and so was the wait.
Drenched and cold Raj stood firm. He kept looking around for any signs of Shalu.

At last she came, her yellow scarf had covered her face with only eyes visible. She sped away in front of Raj without any Acknowledgement.
Raj saw her eyes and knew it was Shalu speeding by.
He remained calm. Lost in his loss.

“A girl who’d just want to chat and merry while she’s bored. A late night 02:22 am talks about New Year is worth it ,”said
Raj while Meera gave an assuring smile.

Meera signalling the bartender asked for two lambhorgini shots.
Raj looked away from her and picked up his phone,checked his schedule.
He got up to leave.
Meera took Raj’s hand and asked him to join her.

Raj made a face and said, ” Meera! this is your last drink .I already have booked a cab. ”

Meera was clearly drunk to drive home.
Raj asked for the cheque and Meera smiled again looking at him.
Raj sternly said, ” I’m not going to bring you here again! You are too drunk to drive.”
Meera pulled his collar and said, “Raj!
Afterall, every other Girl you meet is going to break your heart. You just need to find a one worth suffering for.”

He picked her bags addressed the cheque. Raj pulled out his phone and kept it in his left side pocket. Raj squat down and let Meera climb on his back.

He adjusted his bag placed one h
and under her thighs straitened his legs and walked past the Bar. She had put a little weight he realised.

“You are very cute Raj! I wish we had a story. ” Meera softly whispered.


Author: Jarus

I am a simple dreamer. A sailor and a half artist.

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