Have to go……

“I’m not a good boy, Meera! ” Raj shrugged and tried convincing drunk Meera.

“Look Raj !”,said Meera “Look at the stars, the sun, the oceans, the whole sky, so amazing but so meaningless.”

Meera continued with amazement looking at the sky, ” The Universe is full of possibilities, endless possibilities,Raj!
But it’s destined to be doomed sooner or later;
What’s the point to be good!?”.

She’s not in her senses thought Raj and carried her towards the building.
For a moment he thought about Shalu.

He looked at the distant tree in the society park and thought of going there for a while. Meera was peacefully sleeping on his shoulders blabbering about something.

Raj ,Meera and the solitude. They had become quite good Friends.
But, Shalu kept creeping in his heart. Sometimes letting go is really tough. It’s close to impossible to forget a person completely and start to live without them altogether.
Shalu was so full of confusion. But in that chaos and confusion she had met Raj.
It was Almost love.

” I love you too Raj! ” she had texted him after the happenings that evening when Raj went to meet her.
Her outward denial and this subtle” I love you ” didn’t match the frequency.

Before Raj could reach the
park. Meera ducked her head away from Raj and puked near the footpath.
Raj almost was going to drop Meera but Meera was clearly holding his collar tightly.

Raj made a face and gave her his water bottle from the bag.
“Did you know I was going to puke?, “She asked.
“Of-course not”,said Raj sarcastically.
“Then how do you have a water bottle?”,questioned
Sometimes it really hard to ignore.There are girls and then there are intelligent girls and then there are drunk intelligent girls.
They can be anything. They can ask anything. They can question anything howsoever stupid.
Meera wiped her face and played with Rajs cheek and asked “Why have you become so sweet? ” kissing on his right cheek and pointed him to walk towards the flat.

Raj went nervous and obeyed.They went up the elevator door.
Meera had slept on his shoulders. There were no instructions.
As they reached the fifth floor. Meera held Raj tightly and asked him to stay.
Raj announced , ” We are home Meera! “.
He opened the door and slowly put her down on her couch.

Meera kept saying to stay. Raj left a note for Meera.
He had to go.


Author: Jarus

I am a simple dreamer. A sailor and a half artist.

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