What are we looking for in any relationship?

“Is that love which you are afraid of?” asked Raj after a long sigh.

“No, Raj! absolutely not; it’s just that… I can’t be boyfriend-girlfriend “,explained Shalu trying to speed away the talk.

It had been exactly eight years that Raj tried to confront Shalu again. It was really a long good talk.  
 Their so called relationship had come a long way. From the summers of 2008 till the winters of 2016.
The extremely small chats of how-are-you questions. Those limited data email which a ship would receive.The endless supply of one sided Love. 

Raj and Shalu appeared and disappeared on the big hologram of the universe.
Their presence and absence did not make any big news as such.

A sailors love is mostly untouched by time. He picks up from the waves he once had left. 
It kept coming back.

Shalu was that very piece of catalyst in the  “Time” experiment.
She had the wonderful power to  speed up the time or to slow it down. 
For Raj,  Shalu was a great abacus.

“What’s the matter Shalu? Why would you never want to meet? ” texted Raj. 
I have come back for my leave.

Raj knew that we cannot keep hanging around for the branch which eventually is going to break.
Shalu had no idea. She was confused. 
And the cold words she would use in the chats further on were really disheartening. 

Raj wrote mails,long mails and tried to explain it to her. Raj thought love can conquer all.

Love is really hard to find.But leaving that love which has found you; Big mistake. People are important! You might achieve anything big,small, good moments and bad times.
People remain important and that quality gives us the very upper hand not to give up on anything.

We all are tricksters. We keep trick of safety on our side even while we are in a relationship.

Somewhere in all our relationships we are afraid. That’s a sad story.

Jarus erbmoht


Author: Jarus

I am a simple dreamer. A sailor and a half artist.

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