An unsent mail

Maybe I have been thinking about you too much to start writing this mail even before it ends.
Maybe you don’t miss me so much as I have missed you.
May be it’s just me talking to myself and reading too much and too long for all the books that talk about and remind me of you.
Maybe this was meant to be. I’ll just take sometime off before I could send this mail. Considering the circumstances in which I am writing this email. That way my locked feel like that thing will be vented and you don’t have to read the email.
My imagination and you have been long together and now that we are too busy to even say a little cathode ray hello.
Drifting is just about the time.
I have been looking at the photographs for too long now.I have missed u.I want to call you up.I want to talk to you.

May be it’s just me in this whole wide acceleration… Probably u won’t even know the gyrations of my thoughts.
Maybe you are better off without me. Such are the happenings of life!

By the end if this mail I won’t have had sent to you. But just for my records.. It means I m thinking about you.
A small reminder for me from me.


Was it Love??

I don’t know but I still can’t get enough of you.I see your last seen, keep checking your  posts and keep phigiting over the texts.
I wanted probably just companionship or was it Love .

I did not want to be your second choice.
Fortunately,  I have dropped the plan to even get in touch with you again.
Someone stopped trying. We move on.
But someone’s moving on was quite a big deal to me.
I seriously doubt the existence of such feelings which I have.
Someday, I would read again the story and then probably would be glad  remembering that it happened!
Your side is awesome. I wanted to be the   same zipped up part.
It was probably, I thought you expected the same.
I don’t want to be judged,neither do I judge you.
I know its completely futile to call you up or send all the emails I have composed so far.
I wish you could read all of me. I’ll try not to remember you again.
But, you know the case with memories. What you want to forget and what do you want to keep!?
Tired I know  that. I’ll get going.

I keep checking your status,

Your last seen and your attention on all the matters except me.

I jump to text you back so glad that u messaged. Have I lost myself??

Do you even think about me?


“Jager meister,60 ml,” she said making a sharp tone and signaled the tender. I could not believe my eyes when I saw her.
She saw me with bewilderment and jumped out. I ran to her leaving my glass of Jack Daniels.

She loudly exclaimed, “O my God! Is that you Raj!”. I could just smile.She hugged me and after having had believed what she was living. She said, ” destiny! ”

Meera and Raj were school buddies and it had been 9 years that they had seen each other.
Long time and when they had stared at each other.

She said drinks are on me. Raj said I’m already having a great one.
Meera smiled and said u have not changed a bit. Same cheerful and jumping guy.

“Anyways what are u having?,”Meera asked smiling and eyes wide open.
The Chinese never could have understood what Raj said.
Meera waved at the bartender who smiled back and poured a glass.
“Meera. “Raj said after sipping his drink.
“Yes,Raj”,she said playing with her hair.
“Make some funny faces Raj!” she explained taking her camera out and clicked a selfie.
“Raj,she whined and said cmon..I got to have your photograph.
We don’t have any good photo.”

Raj cried within when he saw her pretty face in the dim light of the café.
It could not happen again. I’m sure that the new year and the rest of your choices regarding your order is complete.
I loved her the moment I saw her the first time. She has the best smile and laugh. A beautiful straight nose which has a tiny nose piercing.

A pair of earrings and the lovely fingers that tries to keep her hair behind her ears.
She’s a great deal of experience.

That’s my Meera for you.
Some get it some don’t. Some just crave for her.. And then some even being there are not there yet.
An unsolved integration with the limits to infinity. More complex than theory of relativity or the time lapse.

My First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hey everyone!
It was really long time that I had started writing and jotting down my thoughts and feelings about all the different types of people I met,thoughts I shared,and the time as it passed through the watches I kept navigating around.

I started this blog post to reach out for all the interest and love that is driving the world and beyond.
I hope I will add to all the good ideas and thoughts that have been flowing through this world.
Hope you all have a great time reading it.

Howsoever, naive my thoughts and prayers may be.Do leave some inspiring food for thoughts,the comments and suggestions.
Love you all
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